We believe in respecting the land.

Our mottos are a continual production and minimal interference in the process of wine maturation.

We believe that wine matures in the vineyards, we avoid additives in the cellar.
Our wines arise from spontaneous fermentation with natural yeast.

We strive to produce elegant and balanced wines with a marl ground character.


Our story

We are a boutique, family wine cellar Sanctum, based in Slovenian Styria (Štajerska).

Our name means »something hidden and sacred«.

The owner of Santum is Mr. Marko Podkubovšek, a worldly man and a wine lover, who believes in local tradition and in hand produced wines. Our vineyards span the steep southern slopes of hills and hillocks over the town Loče, which boast a rich viticulture tradition as grapevines were grown here as early as the 12th century by Carthusian monks.

We are interested in cosmopolitan wines and cuisine. Every year, Sanctum uses knowledge and accuracy to produce even better wine vintages. High mineral content of the marl ground and the delicate aroma of the cool climate shine in these vintages without compromise.





Sanctum wines are a result of the raw method of grapevine cultivation, meticulous care, respect for the power of nature and marl ground.

As our vineyards are not burdened by any chemical agents, artificial fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides, we produce less, but healthier grapes. We strive not for quantity but for quality. We produce only 30 000 wine bottles annually.

Our main products are Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. They are kept company by Syrah, which thrives at this location. Our wine is offered to vintage wine lovers at Slovene’s best restaurants. Sixty percent of our produce is exported abroad, namely America.


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