Orange wines are the new black

Sanctum Leptir orange wine

Orange wines are everywhere! The deep, rich flavor of these wines has made them a favorite of celebrities and influencers. Everyone from XY to YZ has been spotted sipping on orange wines, and it’s no wonder why: they’re delicious!

The savory, fruity taste of this wine is perfect for pairing with your favorite foods. Whether you’re trying it for the first time or you’ve been drinking it for years, there’s one thing we know for sure: everyone loves orange wine.

So what exactly is an orange wine?

It is a white wine!

Orange wine is made from white grapes that have been left on the vine for much longer than usual, giving them an amber color and a sweet, honeyed flavor. This process gives the wine its characteristic rich, full-bodied taste—but don’t let all these descriptors fool you—they’re still very light in body!

Pairing orange wines with food

The best way to enjoy an orange wine is with food! Pairing it with fish or poultry will bring out the earthy tones of your drink, while meat dishes will bring out more of the sweetness. If you’re going to be pairing with chocolate or fruit desserts, this is also a way to go.

Fun fact about orange wines

Orange wines originated in Italy, where they were made by accident—when winemakers forgot to add sulfur dioxide to their wine and then tried to save it with the addition of natural yeasts. The result was a flavor that was fruity, juicy, and sweet… and soooo popular today!

Orange wines are a lot like the people who drink them. They’re a little weird, they’re a little out there, and they know how to have fun.

Sanctum Leptir orange wine
Leptir Sanctum orange wine

If you’re looking for something new to try this season, give Leptir a try! This youthful dry skin contact white wine opens with spicy aromas of dry wildflowers, apricots, pears and white tea with honey. The palate is bright, and the skin tannins are not aggressive. Earthy mid-palate leads to a long savory finish.

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